Travel Writer's Field Guide

A Wilderness Conspiracy Publication
In partnership with Craghoppers

The world is full of stories.
Write them.

The Travel Writer's Field Guide is an inspirational reference book – a guide to best practice in travel writing, how to write well, how to get published, with tips and advice from magazine editors, bloggers, award-winning journalists and broadcasters packaged up in a beautiful, inspirational and rugged book. This is a guide for anyone who travels. It is travel.

But it's more than just a book: it’s also a podcast, live talks, newsletters, a website, it’s a way of life. Storytelling is a letter home, a blog, a diary, a Tweet or Instagram post, a tale in a  pub. The guide will take writers, bloggers, broadcasters, students through the steps from taking notes on the road, to planning, pitching and creating the writing that people will want to read and editors will want to publish.

The Wilderness Conspiracy

The Wilderness Conspiracy is a group of award-winning writers, photographers, presenters and omni-platform influencers working across a wide range of digital and traditional media channels within the outdoor, travel and adventure industry.

In Partnership With Craghoppers

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