Travel Writer's Field Guide Podcast

Hosted by travel writers Phoebe Smith (From Our Correspondent, Wanderlust) and Daniel Neilson (Time Out, The Great Outdoors, Sidetracked), this is the monthly podcast that accompanies the book of the same name.

This podcast is in association with Craghoppers outdoor clothing and protective travel equipment for over 50 years.

Episode One – Writer Or Traveller

You have, of course, been travelling all your life. The question addressed in this episode is about what should be committed to paper or screen. Why you should record some bits and which bits do people want to read? In this episode, we discuss storytelling, travelling as richly as you can, getting into travel writing in the first place, as well as offering 7 hard-earned tips from a life on the road.

Episode Two – Is There Anyone Out There?

Phoebe Smith and Daniel Neilson discuss: Writing for a particular audience, Magazines that accept submissions, Newspapers with great travel sections, How to make money from commercial websites ,Getting into guidebook writing, Making films and podcasts

Episode Three – Types of Writing

In the 3rd episode of the Travel Writer's Field Guide Podcast we look at type of writing. In it we cover how to write for a specific audience, from a newspaper to your mum, and how to structure stories. We've also included a bonus section of common mistakes in writing and how to avoid them.

Episode Four – How to pitch to editors

We share the 10 commandments of pitching to editors. How to get heard, what to say, how to pitch when you've very little experience. Daniel Neilson and Phoebe Smith have edited magazines and books and now they share with you exactly how to get published.

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